Bled with its surroundings offers many possibilities to spend an active holiday. Hotel Krim boasts with the status of a hotel for hikers. In the hotel, there is a corner with hiking maps and all the necessary information, and the friendly reception staff will be happy to assist in planning hiking tours. We have also prepared special hiking packages:

For easy walking tours close to Hotel Krim we suggest the following:

  1. Circular trail around Lake Bled (6km; 2 hours easy walking; asphalt road)
  2. Walking tour in Vintgar Gorge (one of the most visited natural attractions in Slovenia; 3.2 km; 1 hour easy walking; wooden bridges, rocky terain; entrance fee per adult: 4 €)
  3. Walking tour Vintgar Gorge & St. Katherine church (7 km; 2-3 hour easy walking; forest, asphalt road; entrance fee per adult: 4 €)

You can find more hiking tips on: